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to any of my actual followers on here, I doubt you’ll care too much for me going on and on about a band unless you like them too, so skip over this if you want to. I apologize for this large block of text.  

Anyways. Coheed and Cambria. Possibly one my biggest obsessions for the longest time. The music and the story. I’ve told how I got into Coheed before, liking one song and making the random decision to get the album that song was on. And I hated every thing on it except for that song. I can’t fully remember why, it just sounded odd. The song being Welcome Home, and the album being Good Apollo, I’m Burning Star IV Volume 1: From Fear Through the Eyes of Madness (took me forever to actually remember that by heart). I still remember expecting a bunch of awesome songs like Welcome Home and the first two tracks being the exact opposite. I kind of liked two other songs on the album, The Suffering and Wake Up. I ended up listening to it a couple times anyway, it slowly growing on me each time. I inevitably started to listen to it more and more as I liked it more and more. My girlfriend at the time witnessed me slowly getting obsessed with Coheed. My favorite song at the time was The Suffering and I listened that album constantly, watched the music videos (just in awe of Claudio’s hair once I saw it), and loved it more and more. Good Apollo Vol 1 is still my favorite Coheed album.

I eventually decided I wanted more Coheed. This was back when I bought CDs, but all I could find at the store was Live at Starland. I got it anyways and listened. I was incredibly disappointed. I understood later on that I fell in love with the sound they had on GA1. Coheed is constantly changing their sound, like most great bands do. The sound I was used to was darker and more mature when their older stuff I was listening to was much more punk and upbeat. But it grew on me after some time too. I remember sometime after getting into more of their music I heard something about a story the lead singer/guitarist Claudio had written affecting the music, but I didn’t look much into it. I didn’t get into bands or things as quickly back then. After some more time had passed I got my hands on Good Apollo Volume 2: No World for Tomorrow. I liked it, the first time I liked Coheed at first listen of the album, but I could tell immediately the sound was different from anything I’d heard. Which I should have expected, but to this day NWFT seems incredibly distant from the other albums. And probably my least favorite if I had to pick one. Even though it has one of my favorite songs, Mother Superior. 

I soon got the Last Supper DVD and decided to make it a quest to obtain the rest of their CDs. I got extremely lucky to find In Keeping Secrets a Walmart of all places and got the Neverender DVD set sometime after. I remember watching that constantly. That was the first time I had heard any Second Stage tracks. I didn’t listen to any Coheed music I didn’t own until I got the CD it was on. I don’t know why, but I didn’t want to ruin any surprise I guess. But I wanted to listen to the 4 Night Trek in whole and in order so I had to hear SSTB. And I loved it. Eventually it was the only album I didn’t own and I had to order it. It was right around then that I started to find other fans of the band, on twitter mainly. Other Kilgannons, other Children of the Fence, all really awesome people. And I started to get more interested in this story. I was able to read the SSTB comics and the GA graphic novel and I loved them. The writing, the art, and it made me love the music even more. I don’t really remember what happened between February and May of that year, 2010. I remember being depressed a lot. Not getting much of anything done. But that ended around May. I got back to doing what I love doing, making machinima. I met more and more awesome kilgannons. Especially Sam. Sam is probably one of the coolest people ever and I met her because of Coheed. I miss how much we talked back then. Which was, more or less constantly before I moved in July. I remember blasting Coheed in my house right before we left. 

After moving, I was barely able to keep in contact with people over twitter, including my girlfriend at the time (different girl than before, worth mentioning I guess). And then that girl broke up with me. Which at the time was just the worst thing ever. I don’t know why, because now I could list reasons why she wasn’t that special, important, worth my time or effort, but I won’t. Regardless, I felt terrible and an awesome Kilgannon talked to me afterwards and made me feel several times better. Matt, one of the most amazing people ever, messaged me, asked me if I was doing okay. I don’t even remember what else went on in this conversation but it helped. It helped a lot. And I got over all of that. Which, I suppose it isn’t much compared to other ways Coheed has affected people. Or much at all, it was just a break up. But even without that event, Coheed has just connected some really amazing people with great music and a fantastic story. I’ve seen so many wonderful relationships created by Coheed bringing people together. And I just can’t even put into words how much I love that. I’m incredibly grateful to have Coheed in my life. The music, the story, the other children of the fence, all of it inspires me in some way.

Anyways, extremely long post is long and I apologize for the large block of text you may not find interesting at all. I just love getting reasons to just type about something that’s important to me. 

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